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On Purpose Coaching FAQs


What are the benefits of coaching?
Discovering your inner resources and strengths.
Finding the inner knowing that YES this is right for me.
Discovering that you can be okay no matter what is going on in your life.
Having someone hold and see your dream when you’ve lost sight of it.
Being held you in a warm and safe energetic space, while you experiment.
Remembering that you can act and give without hesitation, like you did as a kid.

With a coach in your life, you can more readily become who your soul intended you to be!

Why is silence important in coaching?
From silence comes wisdom. The answers to all your important
questions come from the wisdom in you. So it's important to be able
to tap into that source. You learn to speak without thinking about
what you are going to say. As your coach, I listen with an open,
spacious mind; there is no chatter or judgment in my head while you
are speaking. This experience is sacred and deeply rewarding.

What is silence coaching?
It's a conversation where you have my undivided attention - what's
going on in your life is all that matters. You will: gather all of
who you are, including lost or forgotten parts; learn to navigate
uncharted waters; and find the wise, solid center of yourself in a
supportive yet honest environment. And did I say it's very
meaningful, fun, and exciting?

Why can't I do this on my own?
Because we all have a voice of doubt that creeps in, especially
around our biggest dreams. Many people have difficulty looking at
their own life objectively. And life has a way of disrupting our
plans; maintaining the required discipline can easily fall by the
wayside. Plus a dynamic synergy is created when two heads and hearts
work together; events you never thought possible begin to happen as
if by magic.

Why does coaching take time?
Most clients experience some immediate results AND life is a long
process itself. Inertia will always step in to say "oh not today" or
"can't this wait?" Obstacles emerge or old beliefs dig in and new
solutions must be found. Hidden desires are uncovered that take time
to come to fruition .

The process of discovery is something that's accomplished over time.
Coaching will assist you in finding meaning, purpose, and answers to
Life's questions.


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