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On Purpose Coaching Services


Individual Coaching | Teleclasses | Mastermind Groups | Rikki’s Cafe

Individual Coaching
This is a time just for you, to reflect, brainstorm, gain new perspectives, discover your values or whatever you desire. The focus is YOU and the agenda is yours.

Coaching can be scheduled in 30, 45 or 60 minutes every other week or 3 times per month.

"Your gifts of careful listening and inspired guidance are so appreciated, Rikki. Our calls were consistently of great value and immense help. Even when I imagined I wasn't in the mood to have possibilities opened or problems solved, your non-judgmental, supportive guidance led to surprising and wonderful insights.”      Dana, Carlsbad, CA

“A cool way to describe the coaching is that she helped me get my "sea legs" for this life transition process. Rikki is calm, genuine and knows how to laugh and make the client laugh too.  I am extremely grateful to have experienced her coaching talents.”      Laura, Auburn, CA

"Rikki helped me through a particularly traumatic time in my life.  When I was going nuts, she was always a rock and helped me see my way.”        Karen, White Plains, NY

Learn from the comfort of your office. These teleclasses are not information dumps, where you scribble down tons of notes. You actually contribute your wisdom and experience, enlarging the knowledge of everyone on the call. Amazing insights surface, new ideas emerge, and you remember the fun of learning something relevant to you.

Examples of previous teleclasses, which can occur over 4 or 8 weeks:
Art of the Teleclass Question
Honoring Your Inner Elder

Participating in Rikki’s “Honoring Your Inner Elder” tele-series was a quiet, peaceful and insightful delight.  During each session Rikki created time and space that invited going quietly and more thoughtfully into the exploration of the lessons to be learned from the elder within.  She has a unique talent for posing questions and is a master at holding a sacred silence and stillness that allows for the emergence of new insights.      Bobbi, Albuquerque, NM 

Mastermind Groups
Join with other small business owners, weekly by telephone to:
get feedback, 
share resources,
develop warm and deep friendships, and
have a great time while working on aspects of your small business.

It’s a fun way to get support, encouragement and chase the gremlins or nay-sayers away. We call forth your greatness and magnificence. Get support for creating what you came here to create, getting that dream off the shelf and into the world, taking your business to the next level, or making a someday project start today.

“The Mastermind Group that Rikki facilitated was a HUGE resource and support for me. As an entrepreneur, connecting and collaborating with others in an open, supportive, and creative environment can sometimes be hard to come by, but in Rikki’s Mastermind group I found these things and MORE! The weekly Mastermind group allowed me to keep focused, bounce ideas off of others, and to connect with some amazing women!”        Susie Stone, Minneapolis, MN

Rikki’s Cafe
Ever wanted to have a good conversation and didn’t know where to find one?

Come to Rikki’s Cafe, a virtual gathering place where people from around the world come to participate in hour-long conversations to feed their soul. We either pick a theme, like Conversations with Silence, or let the conversation emerge from the wisdom and curiosity of the participants.

“Rikki's Cafe gives me space to think. The conversation is rich and people participate as if they have known each other for years. Rikki offers a place for everyone to explore and seek answers, and is encouraging of different view points. Its a great place to be part of community, without actually leaving your home.”        Dot, London, England

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Individual Coaching | Teleclasses | Mastermind Groups | Rikki’s Cafe


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